A 40% Year/Year Revenue Increase

A 40% Year/Year Revenue Increase

We were approached by the client with the following problem: each year they would take class pictures that the parents would then order. Once an order was made in store a staff member would have to edit the ordered image to place it in the template that would match the package ordered, and then send it out to the printers for printing.

This was fine during the early years of the business but their enrollment was approaching close to 2,000 students and it was taking the customer almost 2 months to process and fulfill all orders.

We sat down with them and figured out how we could streamline the whole process and try to increase the efficiency as well as the profitability from the photo program.

We were able to create this system that would accomplish all of that instantly and send the orders directly to the printers without any intervention from the business owner if they so chose. We added the ability to upsell on the orders as well as introduced a whole new category of sales (digital downloads).

The end result was a system that dramatically cut administration costs, and increased revenue by 40% in the first year of operation.

  • Client Panorama School of Dance
  • Date March 1, 2017
  • Tags Business Consulting, Case Studies, Web Development

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